So while I’ve been toiling away at brand spankin’ new pages (and shading all the old ones, ahhhh) I’ve reformatted the entirety of Issue #1 of KiMBF for some scroller apps! You can now find it on Webtoon as well as Tapas.

This is a whole other process and format, but it’s fun to see people’s response so far. It’s also more convenient to read on your smart phone, and when you subscribe, you get handy notifications about new updates!

Since I don’t have any kind of exclusive deal with Webtoon or Tapas, I will still be posting pages here as well, but updates will be far more regular on the apps. Also note that about ~4 pages = 1 App episode. I’ll try to stay regular with it, but that’s a lot for a project that isn’t my full-time gig…YET!

We’ll see where it takes me, but like, comment, and subscribe today! My ultimate goal, as always, is to have Issue #2 complete/printed by September – November 2019. I think I’m tracking well for that so far!

You can also find me winging around North America between now and end of October, so hopefully I’ll see you there <3