Living with her sassy Baba and snotty little brother while her parents are away, Olga Bozyk is determined to keep her head down. She’s starting 11th grade at St. Gobnait’s Academy, and while she’s got a solid coterie of misfit friends, she’s still tormented by the rich kids who’ve had it out for her since kindergarten. The same old fat jokes have lost their sting–until former British TV idol Leon Halstedt joins the bullying train, and his ultra-entrepreneur mother seeks to buy Baba’s bookshop for her own nefarious purposes.

And when a German exchange student suggests they summon the demon, Krampus, to deal with Olga’s enemies, she’s willing to try it–even if she’s about 99.9% sure Krampus doesn’t exist.

Unfortunately for both of them, the horned arsehole himself has been imprisoned in the woods near Prairiecrest for a thousand years, and when he finds out Olga’s the one who woke him up, he’s happy to wreak a metric tonne of havoc in her life until the curse they share is broken. But he’s not the only thing that’s come out of the ground, and soon Olga’s quaint town is overrun by monsters only she and K seem capable of defeating.

Stuck with K tailing her to school, living in her garden shed, and granted powers by K’s enchanted rings, the two put their heads-and-horns together to break the contract they’re tangled in. But despite clashing tempers, they make a great team. Maybe even in more ways than one!

Can Olga teach a thousand-year imprisoned demon about life things she barely understands herself? Can she put aside her personal insecurities to give unexpectedly sweet Leon Halstedt a chance? And can Team O.K. protect Prairiecrest from the growing threat of a pink-haired mage who will stop at nothing to put the Krampus back in chains?

Krampus is My Boyfriend! is a Canadian teen comic about high school, magic rings, spectral crows, and, most importantly–FEELINGS.