Production note: Sometimes, character development (or back story reveals) can be done with something as minor as set dressing. Olga has obviously been in sports for a while, if not her whole life (see page three from this chapter’s trophy shelf.) She’s going to be doing a lot of monster fights later. Therefore, she’s got some athletic acuity built in that won’t require an entire training montage–and it also explains her automatic defensive strategies against an intruder. Wrestling + boxing + her penchant for throwing things has, therefore, an actual basis.
I planted the trophy shelf on two pages prior to this, though, so it’s something I’d already decided well ahead of time. I’ve planted many Easter Eggs already throughout the comics via various symbols, general hints, and dialogue that foreshadow events that won’t be addressed until Season 2, even. This is where planning has its benefits.
The more you know!! <RAINBOW>
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