and introducing Thorn, he’s 6 ft tall but he whines like a toddler and he also climbs on everything.

Hey perogies!! We’re back, and we’re getting right into that sweet sweet plot. I batched 6 pages at once this time, which feels really great, and I also finalized the full Issue 2 script! I’m very excited for this issue and I hope you are too–it’s likely gonna be 54 pages though (the last one was 41 ;_;) but it’ll be WORTH IT.

If you want to see pages of the comic 24hrs+ before they go up here, you can access them on my $1 tier on my Patreon! At this level, you also get access to my Behind the Scenes process blog, where I talk about stuff like character design, self publishing comics, as well as other extras like Mini Comics that occur within the canon KiMBF universe.

Ok! Thanks bunches for being so cool and if you liked Issue #1, you can pre-order the limited edition here!

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