For ONE NIGHT ONLY, shading returns! Only because I’m ahead of the curve (!!) and putting pages in the bank, now that I know my printing deadline.

Yes you read that right. I’ll be printing¬†issue #1 of KRAMPUS IS MY BOYFRIEND! A limited run of 200 copies, 48 lushly-coloured pages, saddle stitched, glossy cover, bagged and boarded, signed and numbered. It will premiere at Calgary Expo 2019, where I will be a Creator Guest, and we’ll see how it goes! It’s my very first fully creator-owned self-published item. But you never know until you try–which is the motto of this entire comic.

Anyway, I’ll do shading where I can! More details to follow regarding pricing and pre-orders on Krampus Issue #1:¬†The Underwood Curse

In the meantime…I’m so happy we’ve arrived at this moment. The great summoning is about to commence! I sketched some of the pencils for this page on a very cramped plane to and from Toronto in early February, while a very Christian woman stared intently and asked me all kinds of questions. Yes, specifically the K panels. IT’S FINE. I was very pleasant. I think.

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